Q:  I am trying to make a purchase and it has been rejected.  My credit card is valid and I have funds.  What is going on?

A:  CardZen have added extra fraud protection on our webstore.  If your registered credit card address does not match your shipping address it may be rejected.  If you still want to make the purchase, try paying using PayPal.  PayPal is a safe alternative to credit cards and require buyers to log in to their account before being able to pay.  Buyers using PayPal could also be eligible for 'Buyer Protection'.  See https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/paypal-buyer-protection for further details and eligibility.


Q:  I have purchased Pokémon TCG single cards, how will they be packaged so they are not damaged during shipping?

A:  All Pokémon TCG single cards will be shipped in a penny sleeve and toploader to protect them from damage during transport. 


Q:  I want to have my items sent via courier or with extra insurance, how do I do that?

A:  Get in contact with us before making a purchase and we will organise delivery using your preferred method.


Q:  I live in Mackay, Qld and I want to pay for my purchases in person when I pick them up or they are delivered to me.  How do I do that?

A:  Let us know you want to pay COD or by Eftpos and the specific products you would like to purchase via email, messenger or phone.  Paypal payments are also available if preferred :)


Q:  I live outside the 30km radius for free local delivery, is there anyway you can deliver my purchased items to me anyway?

A:   Please get in contact with us and we will help you out the best we can.


Q:  Why are your prices on eBay so much higher than on your website?

A:  We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible, however due to eBay's high seller fees, prices for products on eBay will be slightly higher to compensate.  Buying products on www.cardzen.com.au or in person will almost always provide customers with affordable prices.  Please bear in mind that some products will vary with market value.